Masking For Money: How Oklahoma Public Schools Want To Subvert State And Local Authority For Federal Funds

Friday, August 27 (2021), I was sent a screen shot of a document from the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) that included masking 'guidance' which contradicted Oklahoma's SB658 (the bill to allow freedom of choice regarding student masking in all Oklahoma schools but private k-12) and was told that the OSDH had issued new/current (8/21) masking/quarantine guidelines to schools.



PARENTS! Use These Laws And Sample Letters To Exert Your Parental Rights In Public Schools

Today, there are numerous state school laws being violated by public schools. For example, for years schools have been using Common Core in classrooms though it was repealed from law and supposedly removed from Oklahoma State teaching standards in 2014/2015. Now it's the teaching of racism through Critical Theory, made illegal by HB1775 during the 2021 legislative session - as well as schools forcing students to wear masks though prohibited by SB658, also passed on behalf of parents this year.


Save Your Family - Save America

Why have you heard again and again that Conservatives must protect the Family?

Because the Communists know that destruction of the family leads to destruction of society.

This book is a must-read for EVERY liberty-minded American concerned about why the world around them appears to be falling apart before their eyes. There are reasons for the tyranny we're experiencing and once we know the cause of the disease, we can fight the disease.



Today - Especially If You're A Christian - You Should Be Educating Your Children At Home

Many years ago I had a conversation with a friend considering homeschooling her kids. She told me she wanted to keep them home, because, as a Christian, she was concerned about the anti-Christian messages her kids have brought home to her.


Lack Of Willingness To Accept The Ideals Of Parental Self-Governance Is Eroding Public Trust In Medical Professionals

August 8th, The Oklahoman published an opinion piece by Adam Cohen, (Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Interim President of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation), written as a conversation with the Coronavirus.

Though a rhetorical device, it's clear this editorial was used as a way to blunt the scalpel the writer plunges into the heart of a large portion of Oklahoma's population by way of his thesis - that unvaccinated individuals are not only responsible for continued spread of the disease, but for propagation of disease variants as well.