There Is No Dana, Only Zuul - #GoOpen Open Source Initiative Will Make Every Kid The Same - Again

By Jenni White, Education Director, ROPE2.0

Wow. I honestly know why so many of my Common Core counterparts in so many states - awesome women who put their housekeeping/childcare hats on first thing in the morning and after putting the kids to bed in the evening, donned their 'outstanding researcher' hat - have quit fighting for public education. There is no winning the battle.

ESA's And Dissenting Public Educators - Do You Talk To Your Students With That Mouth?

By Jenni White, Education Director, ROPE2.0

Though we've not spent time addressing it yet this session, the Education Savings Account bill (HB2949) authored by Nelson (et. al) has already made it's way through the House Education Committee where it passed by one single vote.

ROPE has always supported ESA's. We simply believe in the ability of parents to direct the education of their children and we'll continue to maintain that stance in the face of all the vitriolic nonsense public school proponents will dish out (I'll get to that in a second).

Money and Education - It's Not Going Where You Think It's Going

By Lynn Habluetzel with Jenni White

Along with budget cuts, the appropriated budget hole for Fiscal Year 2017 is now expected to be $1.3 billion, squarely placing the BUDGET front and center with agencies coming to the realization their budgets will actually be cut this year.  I can imagine this comes as a shock when every year they have asked for increases and every year they have received it, creating a certain amount of disbelief cuts will actually happen.


Letter To Oklahoma Representatives Regarding the Final Draft of Oklahoma's New Academic Standards

Dear Representative, 

This session the Oklahoma legislature will undertake the job of approving Oklahoma's new educational standards. 

We are very excited about this prospect because we see it as a chance for our state to rise above the national rhetoric regarding Common Core repeal and the standards re-write process. Oklahoma has a chance here to shine unlike any other at this moment in time. This is why it is so important to make sure our standards are the very best possible.

It's Vitally Important That Oklahoma Get The Standards Re-Write Process Right - Other States Are Watching

Thursday, January 28th, the final draft of Oklahoma's new academic standards were published on the OSDE website and approved by the State Board of Education. We described our thoughts about the process in a press release, but I wanted to take a few more minutes to expound upon that statement.

Once the Common Core State Standards were repealed from law by HB3399 and the direction of the process for creating new standards was revealed, we have tried our best to stay informed about the proceedings and inform you.