Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Oklahoma Has EXCELLENT Social Studies Standards - Too Bad There's No Reason To Follow Them

This year, Senator Nathan Dahm has authored a bill - SB503 - to mandate that public schools in Oklahoma teach the following:

a. the content of the United States naturalization test, with an emphasis on the specific content of the test and the ideas and concepts it references. The United States naturalization test shall be made available in physical and electronic online formats as an optional assessment tool for teachers,

b. the Declaration of Independence,

c. the United States Constitution including the Bill of Rights,

d. substantive selections from the Federalist Papers,

e. the Emancipation Proclamation,

f. the Articles of Confederation,

g. the Gettysburg Address, and

h. George Washington’s Farewell Address

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Critical Race Theory is the Next Common Core For Oklahoma Students - But Much Worse

Critical Race Theory. What's that about and how could it be worse than Common Core for Oklahoma's students?

Good questions! 

Let's start with the first:

Critical Race Theory is an ideal developed from Marxist theory that essentially asks human beings to see the world through a lens that sees people as either oppressed or oppressors based on their race and identity. This gets even more complicated when attempting to determine how oppressed one is - a factor determined by something called intersectionality. For example, if we are comparing three individuals - a black woman, a white man and a gay, black woman - the gay black woman is the most oppressed and the white man is the most oppressive.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Is It Time To Allow Oklahoma's Governor To Appoint Oklahoma's State Superintendent of Public Instruction?


This week, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt indicated that he would like to see the State Superintendent of Public Instruction become a gubernatorially appointed position.

Though members of ROPE have consistently advocated for the right of citizens to directly elect their government officials, it might just be time for Oklahomans to revisit the issue of an appointed Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Documentary Reveals Oklahoma Uses Discredited "Whole Word" Reading Instruction in Many Classrooms, Yet the Oklahoma Department of Education Does Nothing

Today I read with interest an article by Jennifer Palmer for Oklahoma Watch, "In Oklahoma, a Discredited Theory of Reading is Widely Used". In her piece, she informs that a documentary by a group called "American Public Media Reports" has found that many schools across the nation are using a type of reading now called "three-cueing", but what has also been called for decades, "whole word language". 

Sunday, February 10, 2019

New Poll Indicates Only 7% of Oklahomans Would Homeschool. Why Don't The Other 93%?

A recent poll commissioned and published by OCPA (Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs) indicating widespread support of school choice (76%) also included the following information:

“If you could select any type of school in order to obtain the best education for your child or children, and financial costs and transportation were of no concern, what type of school would you select?”

Traditional public school … 46%
Charter school … 9%
Private or parochial school … 34%
Home school … 7%
Don’t know/refused … 4%
The 7% figure surprised me.