Democrat Education Policies DAMAGE Kids – VOTE NO FOR DEMOCRAT JENA NELSON for State Superintenden

With elections weeks away, Democrats are now scrambling to change history yet again. Though it was DEMOCRATS who were the main proponent of closing schools during the COVID 19 “pandemic”, the Biden administration is now attempting to shift the blame from Democrats for what we now KNOW damaged American school children possibly irreparably – the closing of public schools in favor of ‘distance learning’ for over a year.


ROPE/Chaffin Lawsuit Against Stillwater Public Schools - Request For Summary Judgement Heard Today

L. Nancy Blalock, ROPE Treasurer - Maria Seidler, Attorney - Jenni White, ROPE Education Director

This beautiful October morning, Attorney Maria Seidler argued for Summary Judgement in the case of Brice Chaffin and ROPE v Stillwater Public Schools.


Five Things Joy Hofmeister Did Which Were Illegal And/Or Unethical According To The Affidavit Of Probable Cause In The Joy Hofmeister Dark Money Independent Expenditure Case Filed In 2016


For this piece, I'll use numerous excerpts from the 2016 Affidavit of Probable Cause presented to Oklahoma County DA David Prater's office following the arrest of Chad Alexander whose two cell phones were searched via warrant and incriminating text message evidence collected.

Sex Education – An Asset, Or A Liability, To Oklahoma Students?


In September (2022), Senator David Bullard asked me to do some research on Sex Education in Oklahoma for an Oklahoma House of Representatives Common Education Committee Interim Study on Sex Education created by himself and Representatives Sherrie Conley and Danny Williams. Senator Bullard didn’t provide instruction as to what the research should say, just to perform the research.