The Corruption Belt: MISLEADING Mailers Against SD28 Candidate Jeff McCommas From Advance Oklahoma PAC - Another PAC With Ties To Fount Holland (CAMP)


Portion of a larger Money Web among Oklahoma PACs and 501c4s

Advance Oklahoma PAC has some very interesting connections and affiliations - and just put out a hit piece on a candidate running against a Fount Holland (CAMP) client.

We're Not So Jolly About Common Core Clark - Vote NO For Clark Jolley For State Treasurer

Clark Jolley at the Jeb Bush, Foundation for Education Excellence National Summit on Education Reform in Boston, MA with former Oklahoma State Board of Education member Amy Ford. 

Clark Jolley was the lead author of the bill that adopted Obama-pushed Common Core State Standards throughout Oklahoma.


The Corruption Belt - Part 1: Is Catalyst Oklahoma, Inc., An Alliance Among OCPA, The Oklahoma State Chamber and Fount Holland (CAMP) To Elect CAMP Clients In The 2022 Election Cycle?


For months I've been researching Dark Money in Oklahoma, tying together a wide-reaching web of PACs and Non-Profits and Oklahoma Movers and Shakers and other SWAMP creatures.  This is Part 1 of what I hope will be a pretty thorough expose on who pulls the strings to get voters to pull levers in Oklahoma elections.