If You Wouldn't Keep Running Them Out Of The Profession, Teachers Wouldn't Leave

Last month, State Superintendent Hofmeister (who referred to the recent Governor-requested, first ever audit of the OSDE as "yet another attack on public education") happily announced she had gifted Teach For America over four million dollars to fill empty teaching positions. What she NEGLECTED to say however, was major.


PRESS RELEASE: Dr. Everett Piper Joins the ROPE2.0 Board

Monday, September 18th, 2021


Dr. Everett Piper Joins the Board of Reclaim Oklahoma Parent Empowerment (ROPE2.0)


Oklahoma State Department of Education Promoting "Anti" Racist Propaganda and Risk Behavior Surveys Through SEL and Counseling Services

After taking a long walk around the Oklahoma State Department of Education on Labor Day, I found that our state's education department is simply chalk full of 'anti-racist', anti-HB1775 (the bill banning CRT) non-educational nonsense that includes invasive behavioral surveys. Here's what you need to know as a parent.