And the Winner IS....Betsy DeVos

And so, for those of you who didn't find out today, Betsy DeVos has secured the nomination for Secretary of Education chalking up a HUGE VICTORY in the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee with an 12-11 vote strictly on party lines. Goodness! This sounds like it bodes well for bipartisan-collective-happy Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) moving forward.

So much for Trump's draining of the swamp.... 


Despite Ferocious Opposition, Oklahomans Choose Choice

This election cycle, candidates for state office who supported school choice issues were targeted for opposition by a group of Oklahoma teachers and educators collectively referred to as the “Teacher Caucus” who often engaged in ugly rhetoric and questionable campaign methods. November 8th, Oklahomans not only resoundingly repudiated a majority of Teacher Caucus-backed candidates, but a state question which would have raised state taxes to provide state teachers a pay raise.


SB 93 by Smalley: Raises Concerns Regarding Religious Liberty and Parental Rights

(Update 1/14: I received an immediate reply from Senator Smalley. He forwarded the email he was sending in response to the email and some background and thoughts. I have not received answers to my questions. As soon as I get them, I will post in red.)

I recently received a legislative alert from HSLDA regarding SB93 filed by Oklahoma Senator Jason Smalley. This bill addresses changes to current law regarding children IN DHS custody or ENTERING DHS custody. 

Unfortunately, in their email alert, HSLDA doesn't provide a link to the bill (A BIG NO-NO) and only provides a brief, overall assessment of what the changes made by Smalley to the bill will accomplish. They then tell Oklahomans to contact Senator Smalley (they do provide his contact information) using a prefabricated letter.