These Three Data Collection Bills Could Ruin Your Life

Though I've been remiss in my blogging life of late, information on several new bills coming up for votes in Congress this week (11.13.17), could have immense consequences on the ability of parents to control the personal data being shared pertaining to their children, and older students to control the amount of data being collected on themselves in relation to their college and work habits, and you need to share this information and contact your Congressman IMMEDIATELY ((202) 224-3121) to stop them.


Led By Idiots? Yes. Sadly.

This morning I read a very short article from The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech. It's called, "Consider the Possibility That We Are Led by Idiots". This is a very short read and very skeptical, but I can corroborate every word he's written just from the knowledge I've accumulated at the very low level at which I've worked trying to influence government.
Here is a bit of the opening paragraph:

I have seen cabinet secretaries who type with two fingers. I have listened as senior staffers with authority over constructing legislation in a particular scientific field engage in debate on whether or not the moon landing was a hoax. I have seen a man charged with revolutionizing incredibly complex government information technology systems who did not know how to use a thumb drive.


One Student's Reaction Says It All - Sex Ed And Public Schools Don't Mix

I loved Kindergarten Cop. Nearly every classroom scene is hysterical, but the one where Joseph, a 6-year-old whose father is a Gynecologist, feels the need to perform a knowledge dump of sorts on substitute teacher Schwarzenegger's boss (Principal Phoebe) after the sub's particularly rough morning, always cracks me up.

As a child of the 1960's, I remember watching the movie and actually being a bit embarrassed by that dialogue! 


Senate HHS Committee Votes YES on SB83 - Because, Well, It Supports Parental Choice AFTER Parents Jump Through Hoops

Why am I continually surprised at the lack of knowledge our government officials possess about the principles of good government?

Today, as I watched a live feed, the Senators in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee voted to PASS SB83 (video from a life Facebook feed below). This bill by Senator Ervin Yen ORIGINALLY revoked the exemption for children to attend public school if their parents didn't want to subscribe to the precise vaccination schedule as dictated by the CDC and Oklahoma State Department of Health. 


Is Senator Ron Sharp Oklahoma's Version of Ron Burgundy?

One to file under the heading of "GOOD GRIEF"! 

I just read an article by Jay Chilton who was apparently in the Senate Education Committee hearing when Senator Sharp - Vice-Chair of the Senate Education Committee - opined about Rob Standridge's bill (SB560) on school choice. Chilton quotes Sharp as saying,
 I have told other senators I call this bill the "Dr. Josef Mengele bill" because it is intended to kill public education," 


And When Did It Become The Job Of the Public School To Feed Needy Children?

Just recently, I posted this article, "High School Drops Michelle Obama's 'healthy' lunch program. Here's how that's working out." on the ROPE2.0 Facebook page with the following comment:
Here's my favorite line of the whole article,"And what’s more, the program stopped losing money, despite forgoing federal subsidies." You don't think that would happen for EVERYTHING if we'd just cut the dang cord and get off the federal government teat? I'm pretty sure it would!


The Failure Of Obama's School "Turnaround" - Trickle Down Education Will Never Work As Well As LOCALLY Administered Education

Just this January, it was reported that figures crunched at the end of Mr. Obama's turn as POTUS determined that one of his pet project, SIG - School Improvement Grants - with their heavy emphasis on School Turnaround, was a dismal failure after an influx of taxpayer funds to the tune of 7 BILLION dollars. Wait for it....



Taxes, Taxes, EVERYWHERE - Governor Mary Fallin and Fellow Republican Taxaholics Are Not "Conservatives"

UPDATED with legislators opposed to the tax increase at the bottom of the post!

On the heels of her very exciting announcement that she had badgered Amazon.com into collecting sales tax from Oklahomans who buy from sellers using the platform, Governor Mary Fallin ended her 2017 State Of The State address, to a chorus of weeping, wailing and gnashing teeth from actual CONSERVATIVE Republicans in the audience. 

Is it "Us Against Them" With Some Republican Lawmakers?

Recently, a friend shared this Facebook post with me. It details an absolutely gorgeous piece of jewelry custom made by a company called Rustic Cuff (a company from Tulsa, so let's give them some props). This was shared on new-Senator-this-year Julie Daniel's Facebook page with the accompanying post,
Custom designed Rustic Cuff bracelets for the women of the Senate. Gift of Senator Bice.


Homeschooling Parents CAN - And Should - Run For Public Education Offices

In an almost unprecedented move in American today, Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire, nominated a businessman who homeschooled his children, for New Hampshire Education Commissioner. In an unbelievable, though partisan victory, Frank Edelblut was confirmed to the position by the New Hampshire Executive Council today.


We Have A New Education Secretary

For those of you who might have been living in a cave for the months since November, the Senate has confirmed controversial Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos.

So concerned were we here at ROPE - along with THOUSANDS of grassroots mom and dad education activists who have been fighting Common Core across the nation - that we wrote a letter to the President in November. You can read it here to follow our concerns.


From The 'This Is Bad' File: Senator Lankford And Senator Inhofe Both Support Betsy DeVos

February 3rd, Oklahoman reporter Ben Felder tells Oklahomans that both Senator Lankford and Senator Inhofe will support Betsy DeVos. This is bad - very bad indeed.

It's no secret I've been critical of Trump's nominee for the Department of Education. Our highest-read blog this year was "Questions: Drain the swamp? Betsy DeVos? Where do parents come in?", where I covered the top five reasons grassroots education activists object to the confirmation of Betsy DeVos. 

A recent article in Truth in American Education by prominent Common Core activists Jane Robbins and Erin Tuttle, "Is President Trump Being Played By Betsy DeVos and Jeb Bush" delineates yet another list of reasons as to why her confirmation will NOT create the change necessary to overhaul the flailing American Public Education System and help American students regain educational prominence.


And the Winner IS....Betsy DeVos

And so, for those of you who didn't find out today, Betsy DeVos has secured the nomination for Secretary of Education chalking up a HUGE VICTORY in the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee with an 12-11 vote strictly on party lines. Goodness! This sounds like it bodes well for bipartisan-collective-happy Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) moving forward.

So much for Trump's draining of the swamp.... 


Despite Ferocious Opposition, Oklahomans Choose Choice

This election cycle, candidates for state office who supported school choice issues were targeted for opposition by a group of Oklahoma teachers and educators collectively referred to as the “Teacher Caucus” who often engaged in ugly rhetoric and questionable campaign methods. November 8th, Oklahomans not only resoundingly repudiated a majority of Teacher Caucus-backed candidates, but a state question which would have raised state taxes to provide state teachers a pay raise.


SB 93 by Smalley: Raises Concerns Regarding Religious Liberty and Parental Rights

(Update 1/14: I received an immediate reply from Senator Smalley. He forwarded the email he was sending in response to the email and some background and thoughts. I have not received answers to my questions. As soon as I get them, I will post in red.)

I recently received a legislative alert from HSLDA regarding SB93 filed by Oklahoma Senator Jason Smalley. This bill addresses changes to current law regarding children IN DHS custody or ENTERING DHS custody. 

Unfortunately, in their email alert, HSLDA doesn't provide a link to the bill (A BIG NO-NO) and only provides a brief, overall assessment of what the changes made by Smalley to the bill will accomplish. They then tell Oklahomans to contact Senator Smalley (they do provide his contact information) using a prefabricated letter.