Governor Fallin Signs HB3399 - Repealing Common Core in Oklahoma

The board of Restore Oklahoma Public Education would like to express our appreciation to Governor Mary Fallin for signing HB3399 into Oklahoma law today.

After many years of educating the public and legislators on the issue, ROPE was gratified to see the strongest bill against Common Core across the nation this year come from Oklahoma Speaker of the House Jeff Hickman and co-authors Representative Jason Nelson and Senator Josh Brecheen.  We were then pleased to see it pass the House and the Senate with such overwhelming numbers this May.

We truly thank Governor Fallin for her deliberation on this issue and hearing the voices of Oklahoma parents individually and through our legislators.  The tireless work of Representative Nelson, Senator Brecheen and other legislators on HB3399 will forever be appreciated.

Oklahoma now has the opportunity to lead the nation as never before in creating new education standards to propel Oklahoma students onto a path of excellence.  ROPE looks forward to assisting in that journey in any way.

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  1. Jenni you cut yourself short. If not for the hard work of you and the many grass roots workers out there this would not have come to pass. Congratulations to all for the hard work and dedication to get the best education for our children. This is Oklahoma Strong.