PLEASE HELP! SB131 Needs A Hearing NOW In The Senate Or Our Healthcare Could Be Based On Critical Race Theory!


As with so many things today - even in this 'red' state of Oklahoma - out-of-state interests and legislators who simply aren't conservatives have caused a problem for EVERYONE in the state.

The problem stems from the fact that out-of-state interests spent millions of dollars last June to BARELY pass State Question 802 which expanded Medicare in Oklahoma.

Unfortunately, the RFPs for the contracts for these services are FULL OF Critical Race Theory language that sidestep our abortion laws (that are much more stringent than the federal) AND out source SoonerCare services to out-of-state Managed Care Organizations.

Unfortunately, thanks to Oklahomans buying in to the liberal rhetoric about Medicaid expansion - something the people forced Governor Mary Fallin not to implement for years - Oklahoma tax payers will now be stuck with huge bills to implement the expansion of Medicaid no matter what.

The best that can happen at this point, then, is that Oklahoma at least keeps its Medicaid management in the state where it can be somewhat influenced by our own legislature, dumps the CRT garbage now threatening to effect even our own healthcare and keep the states abortion laws from being overturned.

Here is a very quick read by Ignite Liberty that also explains a great deal. Check it out as well.

In addition, please sign this petition asking not only that SB131 be brought to the floor but that the contracts associated with the Governor's managed health care plan are read by Senator Treat and our other senators so that they can make an informed decision about how to move forward with the debacle that is Managed Care.

This has been a very confusing issue to be sure. Oklahomans did not WANT managed care, but thanks to lots of out of state money influencing people to vote based on inaccurate and rhetorical ads, we now are FORCED to expand our Medicaid services. Unfortunately, the Oklahoma Council for Public Affairs (OCPA) is WRONG on this issue and as such, we cannot look to them for direction.

PLEASE contact Senator Greg Treat and tell him that SB131 MUST go to the floor for a vote. Senator Treat claims to be a Republican, but there is a very specific platform of ideals that goes with being Republican and one of these is that "...our state sovereignty must be protected by our state elected officials." Now is the time for Senator Treat to make sure that our elected officials can protect our healthcare sovereignty! Please do your research (QUICKLY) and make your voice heard.

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