Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Common Core = FedEdLed. "O" States Ohio and Oklahoma Battle SAME Issues!

I received this information today from my friend and counterpart Heidi Huber in Ohio.  It's a piece entitled, "What You Can Do Today To Stop Common Core".  In her post, Heidi tells parents to opt out of Fall Assessments and take control back for their child's education.

This is so true! Schools are mandated to test a certain percentage of students (I believe Oklahoma's percentage is 98). Think about it. If parents kept their children from taking state mandated tests, what would that do to the system? Well, because the test scores are used to calculate the school grade, the school would most probably fail. In that case, the state Department of Education is to become involved with the running of that school in one of several ways. Do you think the state has enough employees or a far enough reach to do that for every school in Oklahoma (or Ohio as it were)? I'll tell you the answer in case you don't know...NO.

Just like in Oklahoma, Ohio is fighting nearly ALL the same education 'reforms' as Oklahoma - school grade cards, 3rd grade reading retention, Common Core, the State Longitudinal Database...

For all those who like to believe education 'reform' is about kids - or that it is has arisen locally, state by state - I say, "Look at the evidence." If nearly every state in the union is fighting the same issues, this has to be about FEDERAL control.

Please wake up parents! You are in charge of your child's education! Opt out of state testing. Request the teacher provide different assignments for math, if your kids aren't catching on, or the problems are too long and unwieldy for them to manage! Taxpayer/parents pay to have their children educated in public schools. Public schools must be responsive to YOUR needs, not a conduit for federal government control of your child.

In closing, check out the photos I Tweeted out today. See anything funny here? I do...Same Stuff - Different "O" State!

Sign on Ohio car along one of Kasich's re-election campaign routes.

Protestors at Mary Fallin's re-election announcement.
The sign at top middle states, "Republicans Against Mary"

Ohio Stop Common Core group in front of Kasich sign

Board Member Joy Collins with Governor Fallin at her Tulsa
headquarters during her re-election announcement tour.

A meme we put together before Governor Fallin
signed HB3399 and repealed Common Core in Oklahoma dealing
with the same issues as Ohio.

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