Thursday, September 4, 2014

How To Stop Common Core in Your Oklahoma School


ROPE has received many email and Facebook queries concerning the use of Common Core in schools this year.  Many parents, after sending countless emails, making phone calls and lobbying their legislators to stop Common Core in Oklahoma, are upset and angry over the fact that their school will use Common Core this year despite the passage of HB3399.

Though we've heard the objections, this is really a slap in the face of all the parents and grandparents who took the time out of their schedules to endlessly call their state senators and representatives.

Of course we here at ROPE are upset about this situation as well.  As soon as we began hearing these concerns, I inquired with HB3399 author, Representative Jason Nelson.  He told me that if schools were using PASS and Common Core, there wasn't really much anyone could do.  He also said that if schools were using CC only, they were, of course, breaking the law, but again, it would be hard to do much about it other than to go directly to that schools' board and complain.

After another several messages today, I asked the attorneys that prepared ROPE's Amicus brief for the state school board lawsuit against HB3399, Don and G.K. Powers. Here is what they said:

Parents should call and write to the President of their local school board, and copy the Attorney General, and local District Attorney.  They should state clearly that the Local School Board and the Superintendent, principles and teachers should all follow the law, and in Oklahoma, that is not Common Core, {PASS is}.  Those who choose not to follow the law should resign immediately, or be fired. 
A school board that does not follow the law should be recalled. Law suits in this matter aren't of much use.  But reporting the breaking of the law, firing law breakers  and recalling board members is the right call on this issue.  If board members are not going to support the law, they should not be on the Board.  

In the letter to the Attorney General, parents should identify who is leading the movement to maintain common core, and say that Mr.or Ms. soandso is conspiring with the teachers to break the laws of Oklahoma by keeping common core. Conspiracy to break the law is a crime itself.  If you can get anything in writing that says, so and so school district is going to follow common core, than that is proof of a conspiracy to break the law and should be given to the Attorney General, and the local District Attorney.
I think this is excellent advice.  Here is the complaint form for the AG's office.  You may download it, fill it out and send it in.  District Attorneys listed by county and district can be found on this webpage.  You can click through to get the contact information for your respective DA.

ROPE would also suggest organizing a group of as many parents as possible to attend the school's next Board meeting and speak to the members in person, explaining their anger at having their children subjected to the Common Core AGAINST State law.  Have parents wear the same color shirts and fill the room with as many people as can attend. Make it clear the Board's actions will have consequences come elections in February.  If your school board member is not helpful, find out when their term will expire and recruit someone to run against them.  


This would help!  So many parents don't understand that school boards are really for the PARENTS to help direct the education of their children.  Knowing that, we need PARENTS TO RUN FOR SCHOOL BOARDS and return them to a parent center, not a Superintendent-centered conglomeration of 'yes' men/women that sign off on anything the Superintendent says - including their salary!  GET INVOLVED at the district level in your school system and work to make it work for you!  Make this the start!  Here you will find all the information you will need to know about filing for school board.  Please download and read it and be prepared come filing DECEMBER 2nd through the 4th.