So You Think School Choice Will Solve Education Issues In Oklahoma? James Lindsay Wants You To Think Again...


"School choice is going to be very popular – it’s gonna poll very well – it has an enormous…everybody’s 'spidey' sense should be tingling because of  how much money’s behind the school choice lobby.  Like who writes your checks?  Why on earth is so much money being dumped into this school choice lobby?"  James Lindsay via Unwokeable.

Ever wonder why James Lindsay was the greatest thing since sliced bread when he was going after CRT, but after he began talking about the false choice of school choice, his influence has disappeared in Oklahoma?  Hint:  our HUGE school choice mafia - I mean lobby - don't want YOU to hear what he has to say, lest it hurt their plans to make all schools public schools.

If you like James Lindsay and like what he has to say about DEI, CRT and all the other nonsense feeding into our public schools and society, you had BETTER listen to this podcast.  Here, Mark Ousley (Unwokeable) and James Lindsay discuss why the School Choice movement is a FALSE MOVEMENT and why.  Don't have time to listen?  Put on your airpods and listen while you work.  THIS IS IMPORTANT.

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