Superintendent Barresi Hires OEA Lobbyist For Chief of Staff

Oh yes. It would seem there isn't a Santa Claus Virginia - at least not for Oklahoma Republicans this year!

With apparently such little fanfare that the office couldn't be bothered to comment on the hire, State Superintendent Janet Barresi has hired Joel Robison, the head lobbyist for the largest Oklahoma teacher's union, the OEA, to replace her embattled Chief of Staff, Jennifer Carter.

Now, Mr. Robison may be an outstanding person, however, as my mom reminded me (sometimes relentlessly) as I was growing up, it's those with whom you associate by which your actions are known.

So, for those that might not know, the OEA is the National Education Assocation's little Oklahoma brother. Yes, that NEA.
Oh, and let's not forget who sweetened the pot on the effort to pass State Question 744 by 1.5 MILLION DOLLAR's worth (the effort which Janet Barresi said she would NOT support as she campaigned) - yup, the OEA!

Okay, I could go on, but I am becoming exhausted and depressed.

I have discussed my concerns in this blog about the fact that our Republican State Superintendent - who, coincidentally surfed into office on the tidal wave of Republican'ism' backlash created by our current President and his unquestionable desire to recreate America as a bastion of Marxism over Federalism - isn't really a Republican at all, but simply a Democrat in a Republican suit. (I refuse to call these people RHINO's (Republican in Name Only), as I have no intention of slurring the good name of rhinoceri everywhere.)

Sadly, and at this point in her career as Superintendent, I think the State Board of Education should consider gravely a vote of No Confidence. Dr. Barresi, may, be a wonderful lady and an outstanding oral surgeon, but her associations leave little to be desired.Link

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