Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SB1764 and HB3399 To STOP Common Core in Oklahoma

Restore Oklahoma Public Education applauds Senators Sykes and Brecheen and Speaker of the House Jeff Hickman for their heartfelt desire to listen to Oklahoma parents and do what is best for Oklahoma children.  

An amendment filed to SB1764 late yesterday by Senators Sykes and Brecheen, will stop Common Core state standards in Oklahoma and return Oklahoma education to the control of those best in charge of their children's education - parents.

In the Oklahoma House, Speaker Jeff Hickman yesterday filed similar language in an amendment to HB3399 providing the same assurances.

Over the years, Oklahomans have made clear their overwhelming support for local control of education. As Common Core has been implemented to greater degree in Oklahoma public schools this year, we have seen teachers, parents and school board members alike decry the removal of local control these standards present.

Oklahoma has had standards for decades. In fact, these standards – PASS – were declared by the Fordham Institute (Common Core Supporters) to be BETTER in many ways than Common Core. In addition, PASS were NOT placed in state law, but in school code. This allowed independent school districts to make choices about how best to apply those standards to their individual district for the betterment of their students through the interventions of school boards and parents.
It is clear that, despite the push of special interest groups such as the State Chamber of Commerce and Stand For Children through expensive glossy mailers and state-blanketing robo calls, the voices of individual, unfunded parents are being heard!
None of the rapidly rising concern regarding Common Core is surprising, however. Just as The Affordable Health Care Act was passed before it was read, Common Core was passed before it was written. We’ve all watched, with great frustration the botched roll-out of the AHCA. How could Common Core be any different? Once the ‘state’ removes such personal issues as health care and education from control of the individual, chaos naturally ensues.