Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Costly Slight of Hand

I have been reading about this issue for some time - and this article actually presents one of the more 'conservative' numbers on the overestimation - but this article made me really feel the need to comment.

Please read, "Duncan's NCLB Failure Prediction Wrong, Overestimated by 30%" (it's short!), and then sit and digest my comment below. I'm sure you've heard me spout off about it before, but I felt the need to again, simply because there are some cold, hard figures out there now to support my 'opinion'. So, what do YOU want to be, MAN or SHEEP?

So, the government LIES about the way things are in order to FOOL legislators and the public into the "FACT" that there's an EMERGENCY at hand and therefore dispense with much of the hard earned cash and liberty of the citizenry in order to "fix it"! When caught at their game, they simply 'spin' it ("Whether it’s 50 percent, 80 percent, or 100 percent of schools being incorrectly labeled as failing, one thing is clear: No Child Left Behind is broken,” he said. “That’s why we’re moving forward with giving states flexibility from the law in exchange for reforms that drive student success.") to fit their agenda!