Sunday, February 8, 2015

Senate Education Bills Scheduled for February 9, 2015

We're going to try and do a legislative update every week where we post the bills being heard in the Oklahoma House and Senate along with comments we might have on the bill. We can't delve into each and every bill - we just don't have the manpower - but we read what we can. There are also some we can assess right off the bat just by the title. In general, if the bill mandates local schools to add a program, we should ask for a NO vote. Only local parents should request a program or class. Please take the time to contact your House and Senate member to ask for a NO vote on those particular bills. If we have no comments in red, we either support the bill or don't have enough information to comment. Thank you!

Senate Education Committee 2/09/15

SB 18 -Loveless- task force to study admin ed costs

SB 29 - Brecheen- OSDE provide written notice of expiring teacher license

SB 50 - Smalley-lowers grade level to participate in AG courses to 6

SB 68 - Holt- allows more charters in lg cities with districts of 5000 or more-sponsored by the city

NO SB 136-Stanislawski- changing governance over online charters to " Statewide Virtual Charter School Board",and  "Negotiate and enter into contracts with supplemental online course providers"; (Charter schools are public schools and as such need to be under the purview of the OSDE!)

SB 171-Loveless-  "Flexibility for Rural Education Act of 2015"- strikes cap limit language from original charter bill -any district, tech center or college could sponsor a charter

SB 177-Halligan - increasing the income cap for eligibility from $50000 to $55000 for OHLAP;

SB 262-Paddack-Oklahoma Department of Labor, shall make available to school districts information regarding workplace safety training for grades seven through twelve. Such information shall include the Oklahoma Department of Labor's "Youth @ Work Talking Safety: A Safety and Health Curriculum for Young Workers".

NO SB 285 -Ford- aligning pre K standards to new standards The Constitution of Oklahoma does NOT specify that children should be educated until 8! We should not be perpetuating educational standards for children we have no business formally educating developmentally, and according to our Constitution.

SB 301-Loveless- allowing the State Board of Education to suspend or deny teacher certification upon certain findings- crimes

SB 302- Loveless-more Indian charters- located within the former reservation or treaty area boundaries of the tribe on property held in trust by the Bureau of Indian Affairs of the United States Department of the Interior for the benefit of the tribe

NO SB 303 Shaw/Denney - adding "age-appropriate child sexual abuse and assault awareness training - parents may opt out and will be given written notice – (STOP mandating things to the schools! Plus, once this is in school, it will be hard for parents to stop the program)

SB414 Brinkley-listing eligible schools ( religious schools) for OHLAP

NO SB 504 Jolley-- a nonprofit university offering online, competency based degree programs to be eligible OHLAP recipients (Our tax money should not be sent out of state)

SB 505Stanislawski- created in the State Treasury a revolving fund for the Statewide Virtual Charter
School Board to be designated the "Statewide Virtual Charter School Board Revolving Fund",issued by the State Treasurer against claims filed as prescribed by law with the Director of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services for approval and payment

SB 711-Sparks - forward info on teacher dismissal to OSDE

SB 763- Bass-provide foster kids guardians info on OHLAP, and eligibility