Monday, March 10, 2014

Who/What is Behind Stand For Children and Expect More?

We told you recently about Stand For Children.  We explained the money and power brokers behind this organization and explained in closing:
SFC is a shill for organizations, such as Bill and Melinda Gates, who believe that parents are too stupid to know what's best for their children, and as such, desire private organizations and the state to do the job for them. 
We also reported how the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce released an email asking chamber members and legislators NOT to delay the Common Core State Standards and called parents (those seeking to STOP the Common Core) liars and fear mongers. 

Today we debunked the new video put together by a group called Expect More.

After seeing the video, I knew it wasn't cheap to prepare, so I did some checking up o the group called "Expect More".

According to their website,, there are no donors, no board structure, no president, no nothing, but a picture at the top of the "About" page including the logos above.  We are to believe this is a 'coalition' of these particular groups which include
No, this is ALL about BIG BUSINESS.  This is all about how parents are going to produce children to go to schools utilizing national standards to create workers for BIG BUSINESS.  

Supporters say this continuously, but we either overlook because we can't believe they're saying it, or we feel it isn't important.  Does no one remember the implied THREAT that Exxon/Mobile would pull out of Pennsylvania if the governor didn't support Common Core. 

Coincidentally, there are two more "Expect More" groups in the US - one in Arizona and one in Tennessee.  Coincidentally, both Arizona and Tennessee have Stand For Children offices.  Here in Oklahoma, is affiliated with Stand for Children.  We know, because it's logo is on the Stand for Children website under the "Action" tab.

Much of this, to be sure, is coming from Common Core 'pusher' Achieve.  Achieve was the PRIVATE, NO-PROFIT organization put together by the NGA and businesses like IBM, to create national standards as a way to produce better, more prepared workers.

Achieve's website has a page called, "Achieving the Core" which among many other things, provides a way to "message" out Common Core to an unwilling populace.  One of the tabs here is "Business Resources for a College-and-Career Ready America".  Here it states:
To inform and rally more advocates within the business community, Achieve and the GE Foundation have developed Business Resources for a College- and Career-Ready America for business leaders interested in supporting college- and career-ready education reform.  The first set of resources are modular cards and PPT slides that can be used by business leaders internally and externally with their networks. 
From "Business Resources" you can click on a link that tells you how to become active in ENGAGING A BUSINESS ASSOCIATION OR COALITION.  Oh, you mean like

Achieve also has a Business Center for a College and Career Ready America where you'll find such quotes as
"Rigorous standards in the classroom are key to making sure we have a skilled workforce." Mark Grier, Vice Chairman of Prudential Financial
You will also find a link to Oklahoma specifically, where you can download ready-made Power Point presentations with unproven, out-of-context data that will help drive business leaders to pushing Common Core.  You will also find that our Oklahoma coalitions pushing the Common Core are the
What is Common Core about if one judges its supporters?  Is Common Core about creating happy, well-educated kids ready for any path in life in coalition with PARENTS - or is it the state using taxpayers to fund job training for big business in coalition with big business?  Isn't that exactly what Mark Grier said?