Sunday, February 23, 2014

Who's Really Misinformed About Common Core Governor Fallin? Is it the Heritage Foundation? What About the OKGOP?

Is our Governor reading neither?  How can she escape the myriad of Facebook groups all across the US trying to fight Common Core - most established by simple moms who are watching their kids struggle and cry and hate school and want to make it better (there is a FB page for just about every single state at this point)?  How can she miss the articles in Conservative and Liberal publications alike decrying the Common Core and other associated education 'reforms'?  How can a gathering of nearly 300 (on the sign up sheet alone) parents, educators and taxpayers who lined the inside of the Senate Committee room and stood in lines two deep down the hall outside during a Senate Education Committee meeting, be characterized as MISINFORMED?

Sadly, Governor Fallin is proceeding in the same fashion as her counterparts in various other states who decry the concerns of citizenry as "Misinformed" and preside over a senate (or legislature) that refuses to hear any bills relating to Common Core.  With this pattern in mind, we are reproducing  a list of Common Core detractors, some of whom might stimulate her hearing.

Below, is a list of organizations AGAINST Common Core, but let me remind readers first - Governor Fallin is a REPUBLICAN.

Oklahoma GOP
Republican National Committee

Act! For America
Ambassadors for Life (ORU)
American Association of Christian Schools
Americans For Prosperity
American Principles Project
American Values
Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment
Cardinal Newman Society
CATO Institute
Clash Daily
Chuck Norris
Concerned Women for America
Congressman Jim Bridenstine
David Barton and Wallbuilders
Eagle Forum
Ed Watch
Education Action Group (EAG)
Family Research Council
Focus on the Family
Frederick Douglass Foundation
Freedom Works
Friedman Foundation
Glenn Beck
Goldwater Institute
Heartland Institute
Heritage Foundation
High Noon Club
Hillsdale College
Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Joe for America
John Locke Foundation
John Stossell
Liberty Alliance
Michelle Malkin
Missouri Education Watchdog
Dr. Monica Crowley
National Center for Constitutional Studies
Oklahoma Conservative PAC (OCPAC)

Oklahoma City 912 Project
Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Pacific Research Institute
Parent Led Reform
Pioneer Institute
Public Interest Institute
Public Policy Institute
Reclaiming America for Christ
Restore Oklahoma Public Education
Sen. Tom Coburn
Sen. James Inhofe
Sutherland Institute
Tenth Amendment Center
The Constitutional Coalition
The Educational Freedom Coalition
The Five (Fans)
The John Birch Society
The Rosies
Truth in American Education (TAE)

Tulsa 912 Project
Washington Policy Center
We the People
Young Americans for Liberty

So, who exactly is MISINFORMED?