Saturday, January 18, 2014

Anti-Common Core Resolution Passes Oklahoma State GOP Committee

The "Resolution To Protect Oklahoma's Education System" was passed today (January 18, 2014) by the Oklahoma GOP Committee during their regular meeting.  This resolution records the will of the Oklahoma Republican Party Executive Committee to direct Republican floor leaders to both slate Common Core bills for hearing in Committees as well as Republican Committee chairs to allow a hearing for Common Core bills so that an HONEST debate on the issue may be had and citizens may be directly represented by their lawmakers.

Grassroots Republicans felt it important to elucidate this point since a Common Core repeal bill was blocked from committee hearing by both House Education Committee Chair, Representative Ann Coody and Senate Education Chair, Senator John Ford during both 2011 and 2012.  Last year (2013), a bill was written mid-session by Speaker of the House T.W. Shannon, but failed to gain a hearing in the Senate.  

In addition to stressing the necessity for transparency, the Resolution echoes Governor Fallin's Executive Order (2013-40) "to safeguard against any threat of federal intrusion" and to honor and comply with its fifth directive declaring that Oklahoma Academic Standards will "not jeopardize the privacy of any Oklahoma student or citizen" by urging the cessation of state and federal funds to continue development or usage of the State Longitudinal Database System.

The resolution should assist Governor Mary Fallin and State Superintendent Janet Barresi in understanding clearly the will of the majority of grassroots Republicans on the issue of the Common Core State Standards Initiative (AKA Oklahoma Academic Standards) during this election year. 

ROPE would like to thank Cyndi McArtor, Chairman of Delaware County for sponsoring this resolution as well as Holly Gerard and others for their efforts in creating and editing this collaborative work.