Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How Common Core Affects Small Business AND Home Schoolers!

One of the things we here at ROPE have been trying to get people to recognize for some time, is the effect of Common Core on Home School students/families and small booksellers/publishers.

Last week, Oklahoma had it's final in a series of Common Core Interim Studies in the House Administrative Rules Committee Chaired by Representative Gus Blackwell.  November 5th, 2013, teachers, superintendents and parents were encouraged to share with Oklahoma legislators, their feelings on the Common Core.

Of those that participated (and we had 12 individual testimonies) we feel that Andrew Pudewa of the Institute for Excellence in Writing, was one of the most outstanding.  His company produces educational materials for home schools, private schools AND public schools.  Because he is a small niche market, he has an economic message for those pushing Common Core that we believe EVERYONE should hear.  In addition, he is also able to articulate his concerns about Common Core in relation to the home schooling community.

His message is VERY clear - Common Core is forcing small niche booksellers/publishers to show how they are aligned with Common Core in order to keep what little market share they have.  This, in turn, upsets home school parents, many of whom are aware of the dangers of Common Core from a government overreach perspective, and do not want to support booksellers/publishers who align to the Common Core.

His words are concise - his message should resonate with EVERYONE concerned about Common Core in America.  We hope you find his words as enlightening as did we and will find a way to move this message far and wide.  The Chamber of Commerce needs to understand that it's hard to build a pro-business message for Common Core when there is an entire sector of the business world they are not only neglecting, but actively working against by promoting Common Core.

Home schoolers should become more active in the fight against Common Core, because eventually, after they've wiped out public schools as we know them, they'll be at your door.