Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Single Payer System for Education

I'm Danna Foreman a ROPE board member guest posting for Jenni.

While researching the origins of Oklahoma's P16 now P20 Data Coordinating Council http://www.restoreokpubliceducation.com/node/748 (Oklahoma utilizes the WAVE to capture student data), I came across this quote on the Education Commission of the States website:

Ultimately, the goal of P-16 reform is to create, as Harold Hodgkinson wrote in All One System, "a single system of education underlying all of the segments" (Institute for Educational Leadership, 1999). As the Consortium for Policy Research in Education said, the time has come to end the long history in American education of segments acting "independently and at cross-purposes from one another" (June 2000).

Sadly, too many conservatives have taken the bait. With school choice now being touted as a viable option, students are leaving private and home schools to attend charter and virtual schools. The kicker is that charter and virtual schools receive public funding and must adhere to the Common Core State Standards.

So how is this choice?

The ATC21s  http://atc21s.org/index.php/about/   white papers make reference to the progress towards "nationalized" education in the United States.

It begs the question why is a single payer nationalized system for healthcare unacceptable, but when it comes to education a single system is the panacea.