Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Who's Really Oppressing OWSers?

By the way, I hope everyone had a very happy and enjoyable Christmas holiday. I certainly did, but it sped by at an unimaginable - breakneck, even - pace. Now, with my husband back at work and my kids back at their schooling, I can again, think my thoughts out loud.

Today, I received an email from a man who has been a college professor. He was commenting on an article, "Queer and Then?" published in the Chronicles of Higher Education.

After commenting on how generally awful today's colleges are, he says,
You do not fix academia by bashing academics in general. You fix it by getting society to work right.
I tend to agree.

My father is a journalism professor at a big state college. He is a WONDERFUL professor and, at 77 years of age, gets better reviews than any of the younger profs! He is no pushover and certainly in no way puts up, or commiserates with, the liberal/progressive profs on campus, which puts him in the DEFINITE MINORITY!

For the record, I'm neither horrified by this article, nor the journal in which it was published.

I AM horrified that this garbage is allowed on campuses paid for by unsuspecting taxpayers and parents who choose to pay for their student's education without continuing to parent that student dependent.

If I were to pay for my kids' college education (and I haven't the older and won't the younger) I would DARN sure make sure I knew, A) what courses my dependent was taking and B) what exactly that dependent intended upon doing with the education I was proffering up for them.

To parents who feel their child is OWED a higher education, God bless you, but you are either a Progressive/Democrat or woefully ignorant of the world of today and unbearably indulgent. The courses they teach in PUBLIC universities are, generally, as dumbed-down as they are in public secondary schools and as irrelevant as the Progressive/Democrats who teach them. If you don't believe me, PLEASE get the book, One Party Classroom by David Horowitz and read about some of the classes offered on PUBLIC college campuses today.

I don't care WHAT they teach at private universities! I don't pay for that. It's the PUBLIC institutions that bear intense scrutiny today, as they churn out more and more liberal graduates using MY money to pay for classes that in no way resemble my world view.

I hope, when the Occupy Wall Street'ers have finally been robbed and raped enough by their own, they will realize they are not ultimately fighting big corporations, but BIG EDUCATION who has lied to them and stolen from them (and/or their parents) by telling them if they paid for classes in Women's Studies they would even SORT of be employable and enjoy any kind of well-paying job in the real world.