Monday, October 31, 2011

The Zombies Are Coming, The Zombies Are Coming....!

FORWARD: My definition of indoctrination: "Providing unsubstantiated, non-fact-based, thoughts and feelings as fact to others who are too ignorant (due to a lack of age-based experience or higher order learning ability) to take the ideals and digest them intellectually in order to make clear decisions for themselves as to their level of truthfulness and educational fitness." ( In other words, providing junk science to children - or adults even - who can't make clear choices for themselves as to its truthfulness.)

Yes, All Hallows Eve is ending as I close my day, but I am sad to say that the zombies attacked long ago and what I have sitting on my desk prompting my post today is ample evidence of that fact.

My daughter brought home yet another piece of fabulous homework (PROPAGANDA) from my Blue Ribbon winning elementary school, Quail Creek Elementary. This one was called, "Shifting Shape; The earth is changing shape because of GLOBAL WARMING!"

Yes, according to the worksheet, "For more than 200 years, Earth has been getting warmer. Lately it seems to be happening more quickly....."

I tell my daughter after she makes me aware that she is stumped and doesn't know how to complete this worksheet, "I forbid you to do that and turn that in." And so goes our conversation:

"I forbid you to do that and turn it in! It's a lie. You're perpetuating a lie!"

Betty: "But MOOOOOOOOOM, You're the ONLY parent who ever gets upset at this kind of thing! You're embarrassing me!"

"It's about more than being embarrassed child, it's about doing something that promotes "junk science" - science that isn't true and hasn't been proven!"

Betty: "But I don't care! I don't want to get a bad grade for NOT doing it and my teacher will be mad!"

"I don't care if you get a bad grade! This isn't important to your base of knowledge in any way mainly because it ISN'T TRUE - it's completely unfounded science that even the man who runs the Weather Channel - among others - says isn't true either. It's not just your MOOOOOOOM, you know. What would you say if they started teaching that God was a lie, or Faith was a lie?"

Betty: "They don't do that mom and I don't care. I don't want to get a bad grade and have my teacher be mad at me."

So, the Socialist/Communists have won, haven't they? Absolutely they have! They have figured out a way to put any kind of material into schools they want (check out the new Sex Ed stuff going on in New York public schools - as well as California public schools) and get kids to digest it because KIDS can't withstand the peer pressure of calling out the lie. Shoot, it doesn't matter one whit in a million what their parents say, so long as there could be a threat of embarrassment by exposing that their mother is, "...the only one that ever complains about that kind of thing", or the idea that they might let down their teacher by getting a bad grade!

What a beautiful arrangement 'they've' managed over the years - supplanting the parent through peer pressure that actually 'forces' the student to learn/accept any form of non-truth (America wasn't founded on Biblical principals, saying the Pledge of Allegiance is some form of conservative coercion...etc.) 'they' want to peddle in order to further ingratiate the liberal mantra without the influence of the SILLY PARENT to get in the way.

Sadly, many teachers and parents have seemingly been zombified because this isn't the first time I've been exposed to OBVIOUS bias and actual propaganda in my daughter's homework. Only zombies wouldn't complain about their children being force fed this kind of thing! Only zombie teachers wouldn't stand up to a system that allows this and refuse to send such drivel home with their students.

Schools are not PROPAGANDA MACHINES they are places where simple FACTS should be taught which can be used, later on in life, as a filter to determine truthfulness levels in any 'ideals' to which we might become exposed!

Hmmmm....I wonder what would happen if I brought up a sheet of 'homework' to pass out to the kids on the influence of the BIBLE in the founding of our nation? I wonder how well that would go over?

(note: yes, if you look at the top of her worksheet, my child has been numbered! I finally figured that out by the way....See, teachers can't allow kids to see each others' grades. It would hurt their little easily-bruised egos. So, in order to 'protect' their sensitive beings, teachers must identify each student by the number of the line on which their name sits in their grade book when passing out papers. Apparently, papers aren't handed back personally anymore, they go in cubicles in the room and students are tasked as part of their daily classroom duties to get them out. Consequently, because no other students can see another student's grade, the cubicles are NUMBERED with this/these digits. Of course, thankfully, students are complete idiots and can't figure out after about three days of this, whose number goes to which kid and therefore all problems are solved!)