Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Brief Conversation With John Ford

Yesterday, I got a rather large surprise when I retrieved a call from Senator John Ford on my voice mail.  Of course I returned the call immediately.  He had been kind enough to call and ask whether or not he could pass on my cell phone number to a reporter from OETA in Tulsa, who was doing a story on Common Core.

I told him I appreciated his call, and certainly he could give out my number.  Now, mind you, we have never been able to say anything unkind about Senator Ford on a personal level.  He has never been unkind to us.  In fact, he has invited us into his office to discuss Common Core and was perfectly kind during that time (and times I've seen him outside his office - like at Sam's!).  He is not mean or ugly - or even really dismissive - he has just made it always painfully clear that he would not hear any bills relating to Common Core.

This, is OBVIOUSLY frustrating.  Truly, if Senator Ford were ugly, or obnoxious about it, one could gather that this kind of intractability was due to personal, political gain, or payback (ie; I am loyal to the governor and she'll be loyal to me if I tow the line).  Yet, Senator Ford is cordial nearly to a fault.

Of course, there was no way I was not going to pepper the Senator with questions while I had him on the phone, so - very courteously and in an almost playful tone - I got in several questions.  I am going to share those and the answers with you.

1.  How do you like your cookie bouquets Senator?
They are very nice, but I am giving them to the Pages.  (He went on to explain that they get a lot of cookies - like on Homeschool day - and he just can't eat them all.)
2.  But are you getting the message Senator?
I am hearing the message.
3.  So, are you going to hear the Common Core bills this session?  It truly stifles Representative government when the bills cannot even get a hearing.
You are welcome to come talk to me about this any time.
4.  So you'd like us to come into the office?
You are welcome in my office any time.
Now, I'm old and have 50 things going on at one time and I was in the car with two of the kids when I had this conversation, so I'm sure there was a bit more to it than this, but this was the bottom line.

Truly, if he had four heads and screamed at me (like another Senator I know), I could really feel much freer to dig into the guy, but he doesn't do that!  It's probably more frustrating because of this.  This is - by all appearance - a very nice man...WHY WON'T HE HEAR THE BILLS?  He wouldn't give an answer.  I just literally can't get my brain around this.  The Senate may not pass the bills off the floor, but WHY NOT HEAR THE BILLS?

Continue to watch for information from those in your area that are leaders on this issue.  We will not give up.  We can be as persistent as Senator Ford can be cordial!  We MUST stop Common Core in Oklahoma!  Continue the calls, do whatever it takes, but for Heaven's sake, BE KIND!

*Kudos go out to Owasso's Kristal Piccolet for the whole cookie bouquet idea!  Great thinking out of the box!  At least he's having to think about it even if he gives them away!