Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Liberty, Not Common Core; Liberty, Not Education Reform

I knew my post of yesterday would create a stir - I meant for it to. 

I believe without a doubt that Americans today do very little deep thinking on any topic other than who will win The Voice this season, sadly.  How can I say such a thing?  Look at the arts for example.  How many seats does a theater sell for a play versus the number of seats the a major league sports team sells for a single game?  How did we end up with 500 channels of television and yet the number of books being sold in a year has declined nearly exponentially over the course of the last 10 years.

As I showed my husband my previous post, he shook his head and said, "Yeah, well no one's gonna get it."

I figured as much when I began the post, but that doesn't mean I won't try.  He actually went on to wax philosophic on the topic with such excellent elocution I was embarrassed at my own oratory skills (that sentence was for my English teacher mom!).  What he said, in a nutshell, was that schools need only teach the Constitution, civics and the key concepts of LIBERTY to create a populace capable of throwing off the cloak of tyranny wherever and whenever it should rear its ugly head.  I got to thinking about that and I could not deny the absolute truth of that statement.  People who understand the concepts of liberty have thriving economies where the cream rises to the top and mediocrity is soon pushed down to the bottom of the barrel.  

Unfortunately, we don't have that anymore, and that is mostly because our liberal colleges warp history at all levels.  I saw this post this morning about how liberal college professors call Hitler (of all people) a member of the right wing.  How odd.  Who would even believe that nonsense?  I mean, he was the CREATOR of the National SOCIALIST Workers Party (NAZI).

I also saw this today.  A very short (1:48) YouTube of a professor from Hillsdale College talking about just this very warping of history and how it is happening under the Common Core.  We don't STUDY the Constitution, we just compare parts of it to other documents.  We don't expect kids to understand what it means, we simply want to pay it lip service as we slide down the slippery slope of government controlled education into the sea of socialism where everyone is COMMON yet no one understands the problem with this fact.

Then you have another article I read today about how the State Longitudinal Database basis - the Data Quality Campaign (an organization created and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to make sure that states are collected information on all American students) is going to have yet a new arm.  Yes, instead of just collecting information on all STUDENTS we will now start collecting data on all students in the WORKFORCE.  Gosh.  Have we really gone so far in America that we don't understand the ramifications of that?  Do we NOT understand anymore that we DON'T educate students for jobs?

After my post yesterday, I received an email from a dear friend of mine - Howard Houchen - a fellow political activist.  Though I've known him for years, I did NOT know that his Bachelor's degree was actually in Political Science with a major in Communist Studies.

I am closing this blog with his words because they were echoed by my husband and because they mean something.  I desperately hope they mean something to you:
If others don't get it, its not your fault -- you can't MAKE them understand the history nor its magnitude.  That's a big struggle for many of us.  I've said it a thousand time -- Face it, we're nerds!

To 99% of the every day average folks, communism died around 1991.  Communism, to them, was a set of countries, not a lasting ideology.  When these countries fell, these folks believed it was THAT act which spelled the demise of an ideology and so what if N.Korea and Cuba held on -- Weirdos.

Now, we (The good ole U.S. of A.) were the victors over Communism so why would anyone contemplate America EVER adopting any policy(s) which equaled communist policy(s)?  That would be "insane"!!!  Its how people think because of the inherent trust of government Americans have evolved to have.  In two generations, Americans have accepted government as protector and provider over self-sufficiency and reliance.  Maybe a bit reluctantly but, they've accepted it nonetheless.  

Those that have could care less about history or future consequences.  The media (the 4th Branch of Government) and government itself, possesses the ability to get to people EVERY day and EVERY hour with the message (twisted as it is) THEY want to spread -- by nature, Americans have become informationally lazy and despise having to work (search) for truth.   The average American mind has been conditioned to soak up the 'institutionalized' (ABC, NBC, CBS) information, not the alternative information.  

Its not your fault or my fault the masses are unable to see truth...it's their fault combined with a centralized effort to keep them in the dark and those centralized forces have ALL the really good cards to play with!


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  2. Give them bread and circuses.