Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Occupy Wall Street on Public Education


I get a regular email from EdWeek that details various articles posted either on their blogs or the publication itself. A man named Greg Jobin-Leeds had posted a story earlier last week on OWS and education. It so offended me I posted it on our Facebook page.

Today, in my email update, I received a link to the following blog post by Jobin-Leeds, "Occupy Wall Street's Goals and Public Education". Obviously, it was a must-read!

I usually don't take time to comment on articles because, well, frankly, I don't have time! Today, I absolutely could not stop myself. Please read the article when you have a moment. It will make it easier to understand my response:

Greg. One of the websites from which you are pulling information is the site?

Do you know what anarchy is?

"Occupy activists think increasing access to "the commons" (public goods -- starting with the public squares themselves -- that belong to all humanity) is the route to liberty."
It's NOT the route to liberty. The LAW is the route to liberty. What you're describing is the TYRANNY of ANARCHY!

You apparently have nothing more than a textbook definition of the word 'anarchy' - it is clearly not an actualized term to either you or OWS. Can you actually imagine anarchy played out on American soil? I think you THINK you can, but I venture to bet you can't. It's actually a concept full of death and destruction to the tune of Egypt and Iraq and all those "Arab Spring" (read Islamic Fundamentalist Spring) countries we've seen, heard, or read about in recent months.

"The Occupy Movement is creating a future that is being collectively imagined."
What is collectivism? Have you seen Cuba - or RED China - or Russia? THAT'S collectivism at its finest - right there. I can assure you none of those countries will be excepting of a dissident crowd 'collecting' in St. Petersburg Square, let alone sleeping or protesting their government there. Good grief man, do you really not remember Tiananmen Square? Has it been that long in your limited view of history?

I guess that's the difference between you and me Greg, I'm not an intellectual - I'm a reasoner. I study and REASON issues - I don't fantasize or idealize concepts - I research them through to action historically or personally. If you and the rest of the OWS'ers would put books in your "library" like Hayek or Bastiat instead of simply Al Gore, Howard Zinn, and Mother Jones, you might develop a world perspective more akin to that atop my horse than your unicorn.

But then, you don't really want to do that, do you? Reality stinks. It's much more emotionally satisfying to live in a world uncluttered of reality where you can pin your problems on others and force a community to support your desired lifestyle and belief system by stealing what they have earned through hard work.

Phin - you speak of the "eloquence" of Occupy protesters when they speak about their 'engagement'. What is eloquent about a Mic Check? Really? How about public defecation (or rape or theft)? How eloquent is that? Oh wait, maybe a dousing with pepper spray because you refuse to follow local rules is a definition of eloquence?

Just a question, how are you Communitarians going to survive when you can't follow ANYONE'S rules? Even the OWS has rules.

Frankly, I'm glad for OWS. The 'movement' has forced labor unions such as the OEA (and other such irrelevant organizations) out of the SOCIALIST closet into the bright sunlight of truth. No hiding in the shadows anymore! At least the entire country is getting a really good look at your idea of CHANGE in America! Good luck getting those of us who have studied American history - and still believe in the Founder's vision - on board with that!