Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Please Put My Child in School MORE to Learn Less!

This morning I was yet again flabbergasted to see the editorial in our local paper.

The 'editor' talks about how Karl Springer, superintendent of Oklahoma's largest public school district (OKC), wants to "attack[s] parental apathy by calling for laws that require parental participation in a student's education. If parents fail to show up for a parent-teacher conference, for instance, they could face a fine."

We have to attack reforms NOW because OKC's non-English speaking and poor students (90% of students in the district receive free or reduced lunch) is growing at an [alarming] rate of speed (as OKC residents have heard consistently for YEARS).

“The students and the parents need to understand that education really is the path out of poverty,” Springer said, using the evergreen expression of all liberals everywhere destined to make 'change' happen. Is anyone but me beyond sick of class warfare?

According to the article, Springer wants the Legislature to mandate a seven-hour school day to improve "education standards" - the type of which are not mentioned in the editorial.

So far so good, according to the editorial, as OKC has already expanded the day 20 minutes, gone to a continuous learning calendar (to prevent the dreaded "brain drain") and hired 50 new Teach For America teachers (who are doing so well in their role as intended saviors of public education that you have posts like this one on the TFA site, "on quitting/get me out of here NOW).

Enter my email box this morning, the newsletter from Quail Creek Elementary - attended by the two children not being homeschooled until next year - Sam in 1st grade and Betty in 4th.

I have posted the screen shot of the principals letter above.

Please note the following:
  • No less than THREE fundraising efforts ongoing (as noted by yellow)
  • Today, there is an assembly - "Farm to You" (teaches kids how important it is to eat healthy) that will last 1 and a half hours and require such upset in the schedule that kids will not even get to use the cafeteria for lunch - or, ironically - get a hot lunch! (my kids are not attending school today - it's conscientious objector day at the White house)
  • Friday is picture day
  • October 31st will be Harvest Parties - not only will kids be NOT ALLOWED to dress up, but the food Nazi's will be in full force, preventing classes from doing as they'd wish for parties - instead forcing children to numb down a glass of juice and a cookie! Oh, at least they get to have their own party favors!
  • Thursday, November 3rd classes will be going to the Kennedy Center production downtown and be gone most all day (last year's Kennedy Center production was called Bario Girls and my kids thought it was the most ridiculous, PC, Hispanic love fest they'd ever seen. Even today they still laugh and make fun of it.)
  • Oh, by the way parents, you'll have to teach your kids MATH at home because we just don't have time to work that into our busy schedule!
You see the screenshot. Other than more information on PTA meeting times, information on the Harvest Food drive and Free Clothes day charities (kids wear what they want one Friday a month for a 'donation' of one dollar, which then goes to a charity chosen by the PTA), that's all she wrote.

Now my question...WHY, Mr. Springer, should we ever support increased attendance at school? What actually is going on at school other than completely useless garbage intended, apparently (because it is the only population ever discussed) to help poor kids understand how to make their way in life and indoctrination for all kids on what to eat - even at class 'parties'.

Please note Mr. Springer, your ideas work out especially well in our affluent neighborhood Blue Ribbon (whatever that means) school where we have SO many poverty stricken families.

So, now you know, as Paul Harvey would have said, "...the rest of the story".