Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Can Bring Home the Bacon...

I sort of had a mental breakdown when I read Brandon Dutcher’s post this morning.

I can't possibly articulate the number of times I have thought of the movie Logan's Run lately myself - not only in terms of public education today - but the way in which our federal government has usurped nearly every aspect of our lives. We are not people anymore, we are numbers – numbers on a computer screen for health care and insurance companies, and public schools from elementary to college – and we have allowed ourselves to become just that.

Why do very few people today understand that ‘numbering’ people has been done before? Please, ask a Jew who has survived Auschwitz. They’ll tell you what it’s like to be a number and how easy it is for those doing the numbering to completely dehumanize every individual numbered.

I wish these kinds of posts (thoughts) would truly waken people to the fact that children are a gift from a God that expected PARENTS to raise them for Him without pawning them off onto public schools or the mall or - where ever with whom ever – so you could go to work or struggle to survive.

I truly FEAR that until we start seeing kids as gifts from God we will never truly decide to throw off our 'worldly' trappings in order to create two parent families with mothers who take up the mantle of protector, tutor and disciplinarian (note I didn't say, 'scheduler of activities' here) things in this country cannot change.

I don't say that lightly, either. Nor am I attempting to wage the war of hypocrisy among my fellow parents.

It is a fact that until I began homeschooling our oldest son this year I had not understood this in totality. Before my son became MY FULL AND COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY during EACH AND EVERY DAY, I had developed a really great double-speak about the necessity of parents to get their kids out of public school and be actual parents - not guardians - of their children.

Once my son became my actual responsbility, I became absolutely and completely convicted of the kind of mother I had been to my children in their previous years. I don’t think I ever realized how content I was when I could simply drop them off at our ‘safe’ public elementary school every day and go about my regular routine of criticizing our public school administration and elected officials. I was, after all, ‘at home’. I didn’t work ‘outside’ my home. I was ‘here’ for my kids.

I find it sad but true, that since the beginning of the women’s movement in the 60’s and the following “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and never, let you forget you’re a man” mantra from the early 1980’s, American women have allowed a wholly ungodly group of individuals to tell us supposedly Godly women how to behave – what was and wasn’t important in our lives.

Obviously, Enjolie thought that working outside the home while reading to your kids before you put them in bed to ‘service’ your husband was appropriate and we bought it. The real problem became that once we figured we could ‘do it ourselves’, what did we need men for? We could take our kids and leave that boring (unattractive, not earning enough money…whatever…) man and make it on our own. Too bad the commercial didn’t tell us that by simply taking care of ourselves, not only would our kids suffer, but the communist and socialist sympathizers had plans for them when we finally created that selfish lifestyle advertisers sold us – plans to make them Godless, automatons who prayed to the “environment” and “social justice”.

Now, we’re seeing their plans played out in schools everywhere across the country, yet most American women are Enjolie women who haven’t awakened from their ‘80’s “me” coma yet.

Now, I fear, the only thing that will wake them is social collapse – and that, make no mistake, is coming and coming fast.

My only hope lies in Christ and the absolute fact that God is sovereign and knows all things and works all things for good for those who follow His word.

I pray for a spiritual awakening to take hold in this country (particularly mothers) every day…looking around, I’m afraid we’re vastly overdue…